I came to Seattle in April 1991 entirely on my own, in a beat-up Honda Civic, with dreams of starting a career in photography. Many years later I am an established photographer with a wonderful family and great friends. But my professional goal remains the same: to take photos that tell, simply and beautifully, the milestones in the lives of my clients.

Everything that has happened since that first April day has enriched my ability to do this. Initially I worked as studio manager to successful commercial photographers, eventually traveling locally and nationally shooting weddings, in addition to having had work published, and represented in galleries. I’ve also been the bride and become a mom. I know what these milestones mean, and, as a photographer, I know what to look for. Yet I never forget that photography is a collaborative effort between myself and my clients, and that what most satisfies me is capturing the most honest expression of them.

So much is said and yet unsaid in a single photograph. There’s a great mystery in this. You could say that’s why I’m drawn to it. That’s what I hope to capture. So that others will be drawn to that single photograph, too.

In a digital age with so much reality bending possible with a camera and software, I stick with the notion that what is beautiful is less about what is external and more about what is internal to the subject. While there is no question that the conveniences of today are improved by digital photography, it is still my primary objective to ascertain that which is true and un-doctored.

(Photo by Alice Hayes)

(Photo by Alice Hayes)